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What is Occupational Therapy?

All things explained!

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps individuals achieve independence or other goals through meaningful activities known as "occupations". 

"Occupations" is anything an individual needs or wants to do in order to participate, enjoy, and live their life. While some occupations may be universal (i.e getting dressed, eating), some occupations may be unique to your work, your stage of life, your preferences, your roles, culture, and values.

Why OT is unique?

We are a profession that is heavily rooted in mental health, physical rehabilitation, and human development. 

Since we look at individuals with a holistic view, it makes us the best general health care providers to assess and consult on any concern to provide you care, referrals, and strategies that are most meaningful to you as an individual. 

How Can We Help You?​

Occupational therapists are client and family centered.  If there is a concern or goal that you have, we will determine the appropriate resources and actions to help you.  If we are not the appropriate professional to address your concerns, we will help refer you to another professional. 

What are some skills area OT's address?

  • Upper body physical strength and endurance

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Task Readiness skills

  • Sensory Processing

  • Social Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Activities of Daily Living 

  • Mental Health

  • Pain Management

  • Adaptive Equipment 

  • Environmental Modifications​​

  • Behavior

What are some examples OT's work on with children?

  • Functional mobility - helping the child obtain sufficient upper body endurance and strength to support their exploration of their environment

  • grasp/prehension and hand development to promote using utensils and pre-writing/writing skills

  • Sensory processing and supporting the child's self-regulation in order to engage in everyday tasks

  • Behavioral strategies to support families in managing crisis behaviors 

  • Activities of Daily Living such as tolieting, picky/problem eaters, dressing etc

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