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Our Mission and Story

Our mission is to provide Quality, Holistic, and Integrative services to help support you or your family members obtain goals to live a happy and healthy life. In addition, we strive to advocate for occupational therapy's role in the community and for everybody's general health and well-being.

In 2020, a year we will never forget, Moving Mountains Occupational Therapy, finally became a reality. It was founded by Elizabeth Harnett, licensed occupational therapist, after working for several years as a self-employed individual. Moving Mountains OT will not only expand its ability to provide quality services by a group of talented occupational therapists, but will work to achieve it's mission by advocating for the occupational therapy profession, establishing community presence and relationships, and making our talented therapist's " bigger picture" dream become a reality that will serve our families and communities. 

We all come to Moving Mountains with our personal history and experience which will collectively help us climb the mountain towards success and happiness while helping others in our Hudson Valley community. 

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