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Insurance Information


Moving Mountains Occupational Therapy is committed to focusing on client/family centered therapy. Due to the constraints imposed by private/commercial health insurance companies, we DO NOT ACCEPT insurances. 


Autism Insurance Act of NY: Please be aware, due to this act, if your child or loved one has a medical diagnosis of Autism by a licensed physician, NY requires the insurer to provide reimbursement for services needed (including out of network costs even if there is not out of network benefits). They still may require copays.

Private Pay

Private Pay Advantage and Payments Accepted

Since we do not participate in insurance plans, services are based on YOUR goals in collaboration with our best clinical judgement. 

We provide services in your own home or community location.

We are competitively priced to other allied medical professionals and occupational therapists in the area.

Please note, following an initial evaluation/consultation, per NYS law, we will require a doctor's prescription in order to carry out a plan of care for medical based services. 

Session and Services rates:

*Subjected to change at any time

*Last Update Effective 2/2024

15 minute phone consultation: Free

Initial Consultation/First session: $175.00

30 minute sessions: $80.00

45 minute sessions: $100.00

1 hr sessions: $120.00

Additional fees or services may be offered at an individualized rate for you needs including but not limited too: independent occupational therapy evaluations by your district, formal testing, and continued consultation.

Sliding Scale: We offer sliding scale to those who are needing financial assistance on a case by case basis.


Payment methods accept at this time: cash or check

*Unable to accept cards or HSA cards at this time but check back for updates!

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